A Dynamic Duo on Wheels!

The Soulful Cup is a theater loving coffee truck established in 2020 by owner Rochelle Meylink and her daughter Asia Snyder. These two coffee lovers strive to create an inspiring and comfortable setting for people from all over to connect and create. We offer a wide range of coffee based drinks along with health conscious choices such as smoothies and immunity boosting beverages. 

Owner Rochelle Meylink's love for coffee began when she was thrown into the coffee world selling the warm welcoming beverage at her father's auctions. Being a dramatic and fun-loving person, Rochelle has always been strong in theatrical arts. Directing shows like Annie Jr. and Fame Jr. (and many more) for the schools she's taught at. Singing and dancing is a part of her lifestyle as she always quotes, "Life is a musical, sing it loud." Surrounding herself with the smell of coffee and the sounds of music, she was inspired to develop a business where she could do just that.

Asia Snyder's love for coffee began at a young age where she was persistent in "being like mom by drinking coffee everyday". Living up to her own expectations, coffee is a part of her daily routine whether it be her morning cup of joe or making lattes for coffee loving customers. Asia's love for theater grows stronger everyday as she continues to take after her mother in being dramatic and theatrical in her day to day life.