4 Ways to Support Your Favorite Small Business

It’s not easy running a small business, and many times entrepreneurs turn to their customers for support. Unlike a lot of large corporations, small businesses thrive on word of mouth and their most loyal customers. Below is a modest list of ways anyone can help support their favorite small business (hint, hint) for free!

All of these methods are purely based on word of mouth and google analytics. If you’re wondering what Google Analytics is, it’s merely a program (an algorithm - if you will) set up by google to pick up statistics. Every time anyone says, for example, The Soulful Cup, it is seen by Google through their algorithm. The more The Soulful Cup is mentioned online, through social media posts and the like, the more popular they’re seen on Google. And naturally, the more popular they are through the algorithm, the more likely they’ll show up on a “coffee shop near me” Google search.

If you’re interested in learning more about it consider giving it a Google search or check out this article that simplifies it!

Follow their Social Media Accounts

This one is pretty self explanatory. Based on the information above, we can easily conclude that the more followers a business has on their account the more popular they become through the Instagram, Facebook and Google algorithms.

Personally speaking, I have a hard time following a small business account if I don’t already LOVE them and they don’t have a ton of followers. This may seem petty but it comes with a personal idea that if they don’t have a ton of followers it must mean they aren’t that great…. Boy, did I learn the hard way that mentality can really impact a small businesses growth. Also, I am completely wrong! I love The Soulful Cup and it’s not just because I helped start the small business, I wouldn’t drink our coffee if I didn’t like it. With that being said, I followed our Instagram account when my mom was the only follower.

Diving more into my own personal mentality, possibly my OCD, and how I’m often wrong about a lot of things. It took a good amount of time to get comfortable with a ton of ‘liked pages’ on my Facebook. I used to get self conscious that someone would look at my Facebook page and judge me for having 87 liked pages. Now I look at it as my small way I’m supporting my friends and small businesses.

If you are reading this and haven’t followed our social media accounts yet, please consider giving us a follow. The more followers we get, the more we are seen! Use these links to access our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page!

Interact with their posts

Engagement score is another one of those things that fall into the Google Analytics category. While The Soulful Cup isn’t too concerned with scoring ‘brand deals’ with other companies (which can be a big reason personal pages focus on their engagement score), the algorithm uses our analytics score to determine popularity as well. The more anyone likes, comments or shares each post the higher our score gets, which means the more we are seen by Google. Sharing a post by your favorite small business means their name got put out there one more time. Naturally, if 100% of the people that read this blog post shared it to their Facebook page, our score would increase by 100%. So whenever someone Googles, for example, “how to support a small business” the likelihood of this article coming up would be extremely high.

So I guess what I’m trying to say here is: like, share, comment and spread the word!

Leave a review

When you search for a place to grab lunch do you read the reviews? Do you listen to a friend who has been there before? Upon learning that a trusted friend of yours went to a restaurant you were scoping out and said they weren’t great or they had a bad experience, do you go there still? Or if they told you it was absolutely fantastic, 10/10, would you go there for lunch? Reviews both positive and negative can really impact decision making.

Did you know that The Soulful Cup got a bad review in one of our first weeks of being open? It crushed our souls. Despite it, honestly, being a really silly reason to leave a review, it was still a bad review. The weeks following a ton of our most loyal customers left a good review and our rating spiked back up to five stars. While I personally haven’t heard of a ton of people who depend on online reviews to determine whether they go somewhere or not (it’s mostly personal reviews when they ask a close friend), leaving honest, good reviews on their Yelp or Google page really helps those Google Analytics.

Also, thanks for sticking with this post! If you read this post and leave us a positive review on our Yelp page between 1/14/2021 and 2/1/2021, you can receive 25% off on your next visit!

Post about them

Word of mouth (or word of social media posts..?) is HUGE! Posting a picture of your morning cup of joe from your favorite coffee truck on your Instagram let’s all your followers know that you like them. The more people look at that beautiful mocha on your gram with you raving about how delicious it is, convinces them that they need to stop by Mac’s Pharmacy before 11! Speaking, again, in hypotheticals, if every single person that saw your coffee post before 10:30 stopped by our truck to grab a cup, we could easily land a store front with a drive through and all!

I hope this post helped show you some ways to help your favorite small business grow! We genuinely do appreciate our customers and we love seeing your posts and reviews about how well we do and how your coffee tastes. As two women who have a strong love for coffee, we love serving you and we strive to provide Oak Ridge, Tennessee with a good cup of coffee!

If you haven’t already please give our social media a follow, you can like our Facebook page here, follow our Instagram and Twitter here.

Thank you so much for your continued support as we navigate through the pandemic and struggles of having a picky espresso machine in the winter!

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