A Lifelong dream... literally

Apparently, when I was eight years old I told my Aunt Jo that I couldn’t wait to turn eighteen so that I could drink coffee. As you can see in this journal she kept for me, I wanted to drink coffee because I just loved coffee so much! I find it absolutely astounding that I had the passion for the delicious brewed bean when I was small and still have it to this day. Following that passion into High School, I had the dream of starting my own restaurant called Wild Black Rice that would feature a coffee menu and food items from all over the world. I thought the name Wild Black Rice was fitting solely because I was wild and I thought a coffee bean could pass as a grain of rice. As a “third culture kid” I found that dream quite achievable; especially if you know anything about my mother (check out her reason for starting a coffee shop here)!

Although my High School dream is far different from the reality of the coffee shop we have, I have to say, I enjoy The Soulful Cup way more than I could ever enjoy Wild Black Rice. The Soulful Cup is going to include all sorts of my different passions through many forms. An opportunity for artists young and older alike to perform to their heart's content, a ‘gallery’ for high school students to display their art, a safe space for anyone to meet with friends or come by themselves to enjoy a cup of coffee, and a part of the commuters morning routine.

Every guest will have a unique experience and I look forward to getting to know our customers, whether it’s their first visit or their 100th. With my wonderful mother/partner by my side, we will accomplish many things with The Soulful Cup!

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