Baby It's Cold Outside

Well, it’s definitely not my first time experiencing cold weather, since I am officially a Wisconsin girl. However, it is my first time dealing with the problems that come with owning a truck with water lines in the winter. Unlike most food trucks, our water supply is our lifeline due to the use of the espresso machine and our coffee brewer.

Our regular customers have a special place in our heart, and it was extremely difficult to make the decision to shut down for a month and a half. Even in our last few days of being open in December our espresso machine was turning off on its own and randomly shooting out water. Also in the week of Christmas our water filter system froze and busted, which shot water all over the driveway.

During this time off, we are keeping busy by strategizing new ways to deal with our most difficult truck problems. We will be working on trying to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. In our deliberation we have also been talking about how to make our truck more marketable. Our initial goals as a company were to have a venue (musically/theater related) and provide a coffee shop inside. Obviously due to Covid, our plans have dramatically changed. It is still our hope and dream to eventually have a building, marketed as a venue, that also serves coffee.

Our intention was never to be a restaurant, however, we do realize that just selling coffee is not quite enough to survive in the food truck world. We have some new ideas in the works, and most are in the realm of making most of our products from scratch. Asia and I hope to see you all back in February. In the meantime, there will be lots of baby snuggles in January, teaching school, and working with the Oak Ridge Masquers as the new costume designer for 2021.

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