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Becoming a barista has been one of the most socially fulfilling jobs I’ve ever had. I’m one of those strange people who will dedicate their entire lives to the service industry - I just can’t get enough of it. While there are many industries that make a difference, I thrive best when I can listen to stories, serve someone a drink they’ve been craving all morning, and relate to the people I see everyday. Having YOU as a regular to my coffee shop has made it that much more fulfilling.

Exactly What You Crave

One of my personal favorites about being a barista is when a customer comes up and has no idea what to order. With a well developed knowledge of coffee and my own inventory, I’ll help any guest walk away with a completely unique drink that tastes amazing.

During the month of March we launched a new drink called the Irish Dream. A delicious twist on a dark chocolate mocha with iced coffee instead of espresso and a thick layer of Irish Cream Cold Foam. This refreshing coffee drink was thought of before we moved into our café because one of our amazing regulars wanted to try something new. Ms. Lisa loved what we made for her so much we added it to our menu!

Listening Ears You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Last week one of our regulars visited and I had the opportunity to listen to their life story. Tears ran down my face so quickly while listening to their struggles. The deep connection I feel with the people that visit and tell me about their wins and losses is real, and I love it.

Tell me about yourself. I want to be here to cry with you, laugh with you and celebrate your wins with you.

Every Sunday morning on my drive to work I look forward to a visit from three people. When they’ve finally walked through the doors we chat about cooking, owning a business, beer and so much more. They leave my store with full bellies and possibly a recipe or two!


Connecting with customers is one of the best things I can do to build up my community. A big benefit of getting to know regulars is you’re more aware of the jobs and opportunities that surround the area. When I have that knowledge I can let others who are looking for something like that know and give them contact information. I’m all about supporting small and local businesses.

Growing Our Café

Having you as our regular helps us grow. Your frequent visits and feedback regarding menu items, helps us develop our menu to support our community’s desires. While big changes to our breakfast and lunch are a little more difficult to make happen, we love making new coffee drink flavors to display on our seasonal menu.

Have an unconventional drink you really like? Leave it in the comments so we can give it a try!

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