Change a LIFE forever

Making a difference in a 3rd world country has a special place in my heart, but I have always believed that it is even more important to change the life of a neighbor whom you can build a relationship with and continue to invest in their lives. Most of my teaching life depended on making a difference in the lives of the children that I taught and also building a relationship with their family. The more invested I got in the people around me, the more I realized that we have people in desperate need right in our own backyards.

This is where the Men & Women of Action team got me. They show love in “action” and their positive impact on Oak Ridge is like none other. Helping seniors with their yard, purchasing needed items for foster children, repairing roofs, providing labor for people who cannot afford it otherwise, and many more projects. This group not only shows action in our community, but in surrounding states, and also worldwide.

In the months of May-June, The Soulful Cup, will be a collection place for hygienic items for the local area and the Appalachian project that will take place later in the year. These items will be collected and distributed to families in our community and in the Appalachia area.

If you bring in an item to donate towards the project, you will receive 25% off of a drink purchase (excluding beer). Items that we are looking for are:

Full sized shampoo

Full sized bars of soap

Full sized toothpaste


On a personal note, we also have some customers that have needs, and find The Soulful Cup a place to vent their frustrations with the world and their situations. It is part of what I love most about the coffee shop. Part of our mission is to develop relationships with people so that they feel encouraged and inspired. We hope that our conversations and coffee leave you feeling ready to “conquer the world”.

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