Coffee Connection

If you hang out with me long enough you’ll probably hear “when can we go get coffee?” or “I’m getting coffee, what can I get you?” I’ve made coffee my way of connecting with anyone, from a close friend to a colleague, to even someone who I felt could use a cup. The promise of a fresh, hot latte is enough to bring people through the doors of any café, lounge or office. While we use meetings and social gatherings as an excuse to sip on our favorite drink, for many of us a simple cup of coffee is part of our everyday routine, so much so that missing it throws our whole day out of whack.

The café experience isn’t something that is easily replicated, everything about crafting a good cup of joe sets the stage for good connection. The smell of drip coffee brewing, the sound of espresso grinding, the scream of milk steaming, friendly baristas dancing through the café and presenting you with your personalized cup of coffee. Oftentimes, the beverage building is part of the conversation, quick comments about how the coffee tastes, what the barista said to you when you grabbed your coffee and the presentation of the coffee itself. The delicious, hot beverage is the perfect thing for sipping during a casual chat, professional meeting or silent work space.

All of these things and more are constantly running through our minds as we begin building the perfect café for all of our Tennessee customers. We’ve listened to local coffee drinkers and know that the need for a place to sit down and get work done is needed. Many of our regulars are also just looking for a place to get a cup of coffee that isn’t loaded with sugar or prestigiousness that comes with those big company brands. We are always listening and feedback is always welcome. We would like to encourage you to consider supporting us as a small business by sharing any helpful comments about anything towards The Soulful Cup, we know our patrons have needs and we are all ears.

Let’s grab a cup of coffee!

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