DIY-Do It Yourself

Updated: Jan 14

Before DIY even became a trendy acronym, I was raised to use it as sort of a way of life. Both of my parents were self made business adventurers and raised me to be the same way. They started their lives by building a model railroad business in the basement of our house, and moved on to building airplanes, and eventually started an auction business.

My dad purposely took me on errands to show me the kind of worker that I should strive to be. I specifically remember going with him to the UPS store to mail a package, and he pointed out how efficient and speedy the worker was on getting us in and out, but also still being friendly and welcoming. He expected the same high standards as I worked for him in his auction business and let me know if I wasn’t quite making the cut. Although living through the pain of not quite living up to the standards my dad put on me, it did push me to always strive for perfection. It is both my strength and my weakness.

I tend to live my life with a DIY mentality where we never pay anyone for a job we can do ourselves. It has also pushed me to do things that I never imagined I could accomplish. I went to school as an adult to get my teaching degree, taught for 15 years, and moved my family overseas to teach and live in 3 different foreign countries.

Now this...another great adventure in my mid-life….starting a coffee business. I do believe that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. The Soulful Cup isn’t quite starting out the way I imagined it to be, but I do believe that we will get there with hard work and determination. Someday we will have a beautiful venue that showcases local performing arts that has a comfortable coffee shop in the front lobby. The right opportunity has just not shown itself yet, but we are determined to reach the dream.

As we start out 2021, I want to encourage those reading this, that YOU CAN DO IT! Whatever it is that you want for your life, it is possible to reach your goals. Even if your first step to owning a theater venue is to work in a coffee truck, it’s worth the risk! Stay positive and make 2021 the year you work towards your goals and stick with it, even when it’s hard.

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