Updated: Jan 14

I’m a dreamer.

Up until recently, I did not realize that dreaming and creating is not a natural part of every human being. There are actually people out there that do not dream about obtaining a brighter future for themselves. I do not just dream, I dream into action.

I never dreamed that I would own a coffee truck, but I believe that it is the perfect stepping stone that I needed to catch my dream.

I can smell the coffee………

I can feel the energy…………

I can taste the fall flavors……

I can visualize the comfort…..


I’m excited!

Now that I have a few spots in mind in Oak Ridge for our potential building, I am visualizing the scene coming together. Our truck customers have been our guides and our potential human resources, and for that, I am eternally grateful. A variety of customers have come to the truck to offer us information, ideas, and contacts within the Oak Ridge area. We also gain valuable feedback on how to make our product better. Oak Ridge contains a wide variety of talented people that have shown support and guidance without even knowing it.

We are visualizing our dream and can not wait to share it with the talented people of Oak Ridge. Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook page for updates!

Music & Theater

If you are an acting, music, choreography, director, instrument, or vocal teacher and are looking for a space to teach, please reach out to Rochelle at for upcoming space and performance rentals.

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