How to Adult

My vision for The Soulful Cup is a pure reflection of what it is like to go through life transitions. As a recent empty-nester, I’ve come to realize how much time I put into my children and supporting their interests. My life as a teacher put me directly in the “line of fire” for spending all my spare moments at school. Also, due to teaching overseas, we had our kids at our school with us 24-7 and were involved in every aspect of school as we possibly could. Endless basketball, soccer, talent shows, musical, and leadership activities kept our family busy and together.

Now, as I transition out of having kids at home, I realize how much more spare time I have available. I end up asking myself….what do adults do? Or, how can I still do my favorite things without the excuse of doing it with or for my kids?

I LOVE watching shows, performing/singing, directing shows, and basically anything that has to do with showcasing musical talent. On a trip to New York City a few years back, we had the opportunity to visit the restaurant “Stardust”, where the waitresses were all struggling actors that have the chance to perform in the restaurant on a regular basis, in the hopes of being “discovered”. The atmosphere in the restaurant was intoxicating and filled with excitement. I loved the surprise of not knowing when a random performance was going to take place while I was eating my dinner.

This concept of having excitement and surprise performances is what we want to bring to our coffee shop.

At the same time, I can also be quite introverted and enjoy the chance to sip on some yummy coffee and read a book. Having a community space for both the introvert and extrovert is at the heart of The Soulful Cup. We want to provide a space for people to have a conversation, a meeting, or just have some alone time, but also be able to appeal to the extrovert by participating in karaoke, improv, or poetry nights. Our singing baristas will also be a huge part of the vision of The Soulful Cup. This is where our local talent comes into the picture (including ME)......random performances with solos, duets, and flashmob performances by the whole staff. I literally CAN NOT wait!

So the answer to “how you adult” when your kids are gone….you incorporate everything you love into your own version of a job. A comfy coffee shop where you can both relax and be entertained! The Soulful Cup has SO many ideas and concepts in the works for our future, and we can’t wait to get started. For now, we are enjoying working together as a mother-daughter duo on our coffee truck serving our locally roasted coffee.

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