Save the Turtles

If you have Netflix, consider watching the series “Broken”, especially the documentary about plastics. After living overseas for the last 7 years I realized how detrimental our trash and recycling problem is to our beautiful world.

Our family lived in Yemen, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria. In particular Yemen and Nigeria were countries that were filled with trash all over the streets. The aesthetics alone were enough to bring you into a state of depression….let alone all the animals and humans that were using the water that was filled with trash.

I am very conscious of the amount of trash I have and how I can best do my part to help save our environment. I recycle all my items at home, and we burn our paper and cardboard products and use the ashes in our garden to help keep out weeds in our fence area. We compost our scraps and have a small worm farm to help turn our scraps into fertile soil. We do our best to buy items at the store with recyclable packaging, and I refuse to use styrofoam. I have a stainless steel straw in my purse to use at restaurants, and I do my best to only take one paper towel to dry my hands in the bathroom.

We want the same thing for The Soulful Cup, and we plan to do our part in preserving our environment. You won’t see us using styrofoam cups even though we know that it keeps smoothies colder for longer…...we purchased compostable clear cups with sippy lids to prevent the need for straws….and all of our lids and cups are fully compostable or recyclable. We do realize that mochas and smoothies need straws, so we do have those available. However, we will do our best to encourage our patrons to “drink responsibly” and not take extra packaging, if it is not necessary.

Save the turtles my friends…..

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